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Pro Bono Divorce Lawyer: Do You Qualify For One?

Believe it or not, pro bono divorce lawyers do exist. You can most certainly get such a lawyer as long as your case meets the criteria. Pro bono is a term that refers to obtaining the services of a legal expert at a discount rate. Some may believe that couples should not have access to pro bono divorce lawyers since divorce is a voluntary choice, and criminal proceedings usually aren’t involved. However, his is simply not accurate.


You can access to a pro bono divorce lawyer if you can present enough evidence to show that abuse was a part of the marriage. Abuse can either be physical, sexual, or verbal in nature; it can can include children as well. If you have such evidence, then should quality. Examples of evidence could include a 911 call, or the police paying a visit to your home because of a phone call reporting abuse. Other forms of evidence include medical reports documenting physical harm such as severe bruising, broken bones, or burns. The doctors must verify that abuse could have been the only cause.


If a person earns less income than a certain bracket, then this is another way to qualify for a pro bono divorce lawyer. The guidelines are based on the state you live in. But if your earnings are indeed below requirements, then you might be eligible.

Some people may view a pro bono lawyer as a way to save money. But keep in mind that you must meet certain criteria in most cases to get free or reduced legal assistance, it’s not accessible to everyone. Also, these lawyers tend to be inexperienced or have a lot of other cases they work on at once. So this should be viewed as a last resort.

Should you have consistent income but are experiencing financial difficulty, then a sliding scale divorce lawyer could be a possibility. They charge based on your level of income, which could result in a good deal of savings on your end.

If the above options are not available to you, then another possible solution for obtaining great representation is to sell an asset or take out a loan. However, you should be cautious about doing so unless you are extremely confident that they case will go your way. In this scenario, you will be awarded for the damages and use that money towards paying off the loan.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a very strong case, then selling one of your assets to get a lawyer could end up making your situation far worse.