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Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer?

The answer to this question really depends on dynamics of your marriage. The less complicated the marriage is, the easier it will be to get by without a divorce lawyer. If you are going through an uncontested divorce, where you are your spouse plan on settling the matters on your own, then a lawyer is probably not necessary. On the other hand, if the divorce is going to be contested, then you will most certainly need a lawyer. Lawyers are worth hiring when the marriage is messy and involves a lot of major issues, such as child custody.

The best approach to divorce is when both sides can work together and settle the issues themselves. Hiring a mediator can help organize the process and help each side get what they want the most. Another benefit is that the two sides get control over what happens, as opposed to placing it all in the hands of lawyers and the courts.

Even if you have major issues to settle, such as child custody, the key is whether or not both sides are on the same page. If both agree to terms, then the process is downhill from here and no divorce lawyer will likely be necessary.

If violence was involved in the marriage, then it might be difficult to go the uncontested route. Under these circumstances, you will have to get a divorce lawyer. A marriage that really involved a lot of anger/animosity is tough to settle without a lawyer. Also, if the other side doesn’t want to work with you and hires an attorney, then you will have to as well.

If no children are involved, there are few assets to divide, little to no property was accumulated, and the income levels are similar, then the divorce can get settled without much outside help. On the other hand, if both spouses accumulated a lot of property, have a business together, children are involved, and either one has health issues, then you will probably have to rely on a lawyer for assistance.

The shorter the marriage, the easier it will probably be to handle together as spouses. The reason is because not enough time has passed to really have a lot of problems to sort through.

However, very rarely will you find a marriage as simple to settle as it could be. There generally are at least a few complicated matters that lawyers can help with. Divorce services are available that can help too, or hire you can just hire a lawyer just for those complicated issues alone.

Overall, when a relationship between two spouses is still manageable, they agree on terms, and don’t have many major issues, then a divorce lawyer will not need to be hired. The more messy a marriage is, the harder it will be to get by without one.

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